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The Cohesive Spatial team is focused on providing quality technical and business solutions to the market. Our group specializes in business solutions for the utilities industry, especially around equipment asset life cycle and work management. We also have experience in the facilities, transportation and government sectors. As IBM and ESRI business partners, the Cohesive Spatial team leverages the suite of ArcGIS and Maximo Spatial software tools. In addition to business and integration services, we also offer GIS services in the form of technical and analysis consulting. Visit our GIS resource page for additional information. Below are our offerings:

  • ESRI ArcGIS Integrations with EAM (Maximo Spatial, Oracle EAM, Oracle WAM, SAP)
  • ESRI ArcGIS Custom Development
  • GIS Mobile Solutions
  • GIS Database Design
  • ArcFM Designer Implementations
  • ArcFM Designer Integrations with EAM
  • ArcFM Custom Development
  • ESRI ArcGIS Analysis Solutions

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We will be presenting at DistribuTECH, January 2018.

Meet Aaron Bowman, our GIS  Senior Business Constultant. He will deliver the customer case story in his presentation titled; "Streamlining the Asset Lifecycle through Systems Integration - ArcGIS, ArcFM Designer and IBM Maximo EAM".

Details of his presentation: How Westar Energy, Cohesive Solutions and MVC overcame the challenge of bridging process and system silos to streamline the data exchange between three complex environments. In April 2017, the project team went live with a complex process and technical solution leveraging an integration of ESRI ArcGIS, IBM Maximo EAM and Schneider ArcFM Designer. The solution involves well defined process automation, unique integration point development and sleek application design to achieve the desired functionality.  This solution was implemented under the umbrella of a large scale greenfield EAM replacement project of several mainframe systems with IBM Maximo. The solution was designed to overcome common challenges that arise during the life cycle of major assets. Challenges include: digitization backlog, construction design to CU/CUE translation, asset/location hierarchy and data sync and enabling the mobile workforce. The session will include a demo of the solution along with unpacking specifics of each pain point and how it was overcome. The specific technologies represented will be ESRI ArcGIS Server, ArcGIS Enterprise Geodatabase, Schneider ArcFM, Schneider ArcFM Designer, Oracle DB, Maximo.

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Cohesive solutions Maximo Spatial Esri GIS ArcGIS services Maximo Spatial Implementation Cohesive Solutions GIS Services

Cohesive solutions Maximo Spatial Esri GIS ArcGIS services Maximo Spatial Implementation Cohesive Solutions GIS Services

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