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 Drive Value and Reduce Risk

U.S. utilities have sometimes lagged behind other sectors in applying advanced management techniques, but that is changing as the industry recognizes the importance of lean, efficient supply chains. Utility supply chain experts have recognized that there is still plenty of room for improvement, and that while some utilities and generators are leading the way on managing lean, efficient, smooth-running supply chains, many others still have substantial savings and resources to capture. Utility leaders agree that aligning internal elements of the utility for optimal effectiveness is critical, and devoted attention needs to be implemented across the entire delivery chain.

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IBM Maximo Asset Management V7.6

Supply chain management has been enhanced from materials management to purchasing, receiving and invoicing. The overall effect of these enhancements is that workflows are streamlined and usability is greatly improved.

  • Consignment invoices
  • Purchase order revisions
  • Receipt and invoice processing
  • Contract revisions
  • Related Records
  • Commodity association

Move Forward with Process Alignment

Technology is only a portion of the equation. Often, we must take a critical eye to our processes. The traditional approach of having a dedicated supply chain for each business unit handicaps continuous improvement because these chains often become isolated from one another. These separate chains can act tactically but are unable to fully capture savings and efficiencies available through more centralized operations.

It is a tricky balancing act to align supply chains with their business units within a centralized supply chain organization. This can be accomplished by developing new roles within the supply chain that work directly with business units, focusing completely on understanding each unit’s plans and strategies, enabling them to engage with business unit initiatives very early in the process to signify demands, concerns etc. Aligned supply chains within the centralized supply chain organization enable a consistent focus on driving value, reducing risk, and improving supplier relations. 

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