Propel™ - Performance Management For Your Asset Management System

Bridging the Gap Between Strategy and Execution:

  • Align people and processes with objectives
  • Identify and assess operational risk
  • Visualize impacts and outcomes of continuous improvement initiatives
  • Transform trustworthy data into actionable information
  • Manage continuous improvement initiatives to achieve targets

Organizations are seeing a double digit percentage increases (30-50%) in performance related to training and software implementation efforts including mobile work execution, scheduling platforms, and business process training.

Propel in Your EAM Start Center

  •  New integration between Cohesive's Propel and EAM Start centers
  • Users can now view Propel dashboards and visual content directly in select EAM start centers via a custom embedded iFrame
  • Deploy Asset Management metrics and KPIs that are aligned with their business objectives
  • Real-time performance metric visualization for the entire organization

Propel delivers these capabilities and more in a solution that is enabling your organization to optimize their asset program within weeks. Its speed of implementation allows you to start, learn and accelerate your organization’s transition while improvements occur.

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