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Propel Overview 

An End to End Demonstration



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Enabling a Line of Sight

Propel's visual navigation allows for performance to be summarized at a high level, organized and filtered based on your preferences. Viewing data with it's peers provides a simple way to understand relative values such as cost or effort across the enterprise. Once outliers or unexpected results are identified, drilling to more detailed dashboards provides a view of the data behind the data. This includes the ability to drill down to the individual transactions that make up calculated measures, with a link to the source transactional system the data originates from, such as an EAM or ERP system. 

Aligning Strategic Objectives 

The Propel Objective Wheel provides a simple view of an organization's Objectives, starting with the most strategic high level Objectives in the center, and the tactical or process oriented Objectives radiating outward as children. This structure shows:

  • A "Line of Sight" from strategic to tactical
  • A quick assessment of status based on the Targets and Expected Results for Objectives
  • A view of current Initiatives to improve performance or mitigate the risk of missing goals
  • A view of current Events and Activities, indicating where effort and attention are being placed
  • Areas that may be "blind spots"; where Objectives do not have measures or data defined in order to evaluate performance
  • Misalignment between parent and child Objectives - cases where supporting Objectives do not demonstrate actual impact on higher level Objectives

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Communicate and Work Together

Propel automates performance management processes, generating Events when targets are missed and notifying stakeholders of ongoing activities. Users are engaged and informed via an Activity Stream, which:

  • Fosters engagement, exposing (and encouraging) users to possible and desired actions that can be taken
  • Provides a low-friction form of navigation and discovery
  • Focuses on the here and now by being real-time and relevant
  • Promotes connectivity and staying in touch
  • Enhances Line of Sight from Business Objectives to daily activities
  • Combines many small bits of information into a larger context producing new value
  • Captures data to analyze user interaction, system utilization and overall delivered value

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