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June 2021 Driving EAM Technology Adoption

Maximo Application Suite

Maximo Application Suite

April 2021 Maximo Application Suite 101: Introduction, Terminology, & Architecture

Maximo Application Suite

Maximo Application Suite

March 2021 Visualize, Track, and Manage Maintenance Improvement Initiatives



March 2021 End of Support for Maximo 7.6.0.x and Maximo Upgrade Options



February 2021 Five Ways to Improve Maintenance and Reliability in 2021

How to track and monitor eam continuous improvement initiatives

how to track and monitor eam continuous improvement

November 2020 How to Track and Monitor EAM Continuous Improvement Initiatives 

How to track and monitor eam continuous improvement initiatives

how to track and monitor eam continuous improvement

 October 2020

How American Axle Manufacturing Consolidated its Asset Management Platforms with Zero Downtime

Maximo webinar replay

zero downtime maximo upgrade

September 2020

The First Step Of Your Maximo Upgrade: How To Better Understand Your EAM Data For A More Successful Upgrade

Maximo webinar replay

Maximo new functionality demo

September 2020 Demonstration of Maximo Feature Packs New Functionality

Maximo webinar replay

Maximo new functionality demo

July 2020 Using IBM Maximo HSE to Control the Spread of COVID-19 in the Workplace


Using IBM Maximo to  Control Spread of COVID-19 In the Workplace

May 2020

Unlocking Hidden Insights in your Data: How to Use Data to Drive Continuous Improvement



March 2020

Essential Considerations Before Beginning Your Next Distribution Work Management System Implementation



March 2020

Where Are You On Your Asset Management Journey? Are You Ready For IoT?

July 22, 2019

Demonstration: IBM Maximo Dynamic Job Plans

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July 17, 2019

Supply Chain Challenges with Supply Chain SME Jim Sawyer

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June 20, 2019

How Organizations Drive Culture Change & Measure Performance Using Asset & Work Management Data

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January, 8, 2018

Cohesive's Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) extension for IBM Maximo

October, 23, 2018

Maximo 7.6.1 / 7.6.0.x Guest Login Feature

October 4, 2018

The New Trend in Facilities Maintenance to Improve Efficiency

September 28, 2018

Cohesive's IBM Maximo MOC Solution Demonstration

September 12, 2018

Maximizing Your Enterprise Asset Management with a Strategic Roadmap - A webinar with Energy Central

March 28, 2018

Case Study: Dynamic EAM Implementation and Process Transformation - A Webinar with Energy Central

March 15, 2018

Maximo V7.6 License Usage Monitoring

 January 16, 2018

Beyond Dashboards: Using Measures and KPIs to Improve your Implementation of Maximo and Achieve Business Results

January 5, 2018

New Functionality in Maximo V7.6.0.9, Work Centers

December 9, 2017

Addressing Pipeline Regulatory Compliance / PHMSA in Maximo

September 14, 2017

Maximo Budget Monitoring Application Webinar

July 27, 2017

How Organizational Change and Training can Make the Difference in your Maximo Upgrade or Implementation
May 9, 2017 Maximo EoS 7.5 to Maximo 7.6 Webinar
October 26, 2016 Solutions 2.0 Keynote Video
October 21, 2016 Maximo Overview
September 16, 2016 Achieve Operational Excellence with Propel: Intro
September 1, 2016 Maximo Scheduler and Spatial
July 28, 2016 Utilities Performance Management
June 30, 2016 Zero Downtime Maximo Upgrades
June 17, 2016 Storm Damage Assessment
May 20, 2016 T&D Implementation Story
May 22, 2015 RCM Within AMS
March 20, 2015 Overview of Automation Scripting
January 15, 2015 Maximo 7.6 App Designer, Start Centers, Edit Mode, Hover Dialogs & Inline Icons
December 12, 2014 Maximo 7.6 Overview
October 17, 2014 Maximo for Oil & Gas Control of Work and Risk Management
May 16, 2014 Maximo V7.1.X End of Support
May 9, 2014 Maximo Oil & Gas Management of Change
November 7, 2013 Propel - Next Generation Performance Management
November 6, 2012 Cohesive FIRSTCall Overview
September 24, 2012 Maximo 7.5 Licensing Changes
September 1, 2012 Maximo Automation Scripting
August 24, 2012 Advanced Planning and Scheduling
July 20, 2012 Maximo Scheduler 7.5 Primer
March 23, 2012 Maximo Ad Hoc Reporting
February 17, 2012 Maximo and Filenet Integration
January 6, 2012 Maximo Nuclear 7.5 Configuration Management
November 18, 2011 Maximo Nuclear 7.5 Corrective Actions
November 17, 2011 Maximo Spatial Public Sector
October 19, 2011 Maximo Spatial
October 12, 2011 Maximo Nuclear 7.5 Clearances
September 23, 2011 Maximo 7.5 Upgrade Tips and Tricks
September 15, 2011 Maximo Nuclear 7.5 Product Update
July 9, 2011 Maximo RCM Extensions
July 8, 2011 What's New in Maximo 7.5