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Organizational Change Management for Maintenance Initiatives

Cohesive helps clients design and implement fit-for-purpose change management programs that align with your culture, structure, talent, and goals to improve performance, build capabilities, strengthen behavior, and sustain the change over time. Our philosophy is rooted in our belief that applying change management on projects and programs, and building change management competencies in the organization, are the first steps to ensuring projects deliver their intended results by taking care of the people side. We differentiate ourselves by focusing on key factors that drive end user adoption and utilization, role mapping for the future state, and sustainability, the real ROI benefits for an organization. The result – a powerful change implementation solution that utilizes a robust change toolkit and best practices to shape and deliver transformational change.

A Methodology that Works

Cohesive’s proven change management methodology focuses across an organization, as well as on the end user. We offer business-oriented and data-driven solutions to drive the organization’s transformation agenda to achieve high impact, and sustainable business results.

In partnership with our client, their culture, and their goals, our flexible approach integrates the perspectives of key stakeholders, end users, and the project team to assure a successful and sustainable implementation. Each identified change impact is addressed using methods that focus on where the change has the highest level impact on the organization and end user.

Our comprehensive suite of change management and training solutions enables our clients to transform their businesses, and achieve operational excellence while maximizing their return on mission-critical process improvements and technology investments.

Change Assessments and Offerings

Initial Change Assessment

Aligning corporate culture, structure, and talent with business strategy is challenging and complicated, yet necessary. We conduct an initial Change Assessment to help clients understand the size and complexity of the planned change.

Change Impact Assessment

Strategic shifts such as innovative technology, new products and services, evolving growth strategies, or new leadership, all impact an organization’s most valuable asset, their people. Cohesive’s Change Impact Assessment Tool is used to describe and manage the impacts of the change in terms of process, people, organization, and/or technology. It determines the overall impact level of the change, and identifies mitigating actions such as engagements, communication, training, and new behaviors to address the impact.

Change Readiness Assessment

Cohesive’s Change Readiness Assessment (CRA) identifies individual awareness, desire and knowledge of the planned change. The CRA will also assess the organization's capacity for change. The results of the CRA are used to identify, plan for, and implement strategies to overcome potential barriers to the planned change.

Training Needs Assessment

We conduct a training needs assessment to identify the “gap” between performance required and the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed by your impacted workforce to achieve the requirements associated with the planned change. The assessment helps identify the groups of users who require training.

Cohesive works with organizations to assess their needs with a unique combination of practitioner experiences and leading best practices that are tailored to their culture and goals. Cohesive also creates a change implementation timeline roadmap for organizations, with an associated group of change activities to help map out the next logical actions that are critical to organizational and end user readiness.

We Partner with You

Leadership alignment

Senior leaders have a unique role in transformational change; they must provide cues for everyone in the organization to follow. Cohesive helps leaders make the transformation personal; we role-model the change, openly engage others, and spotlight successes. We also help build commitment and alignment within the senior team.


Cohesive provides targeted behavior change for business critical events. As a key aspect of creating transformational change, we work with clients to design and implement interventions to build skills, shift mind-sets, develop leaders, and manage talent to ensure a successful and sustainable change in behaviors.

Change Management Plan

Cohesive partners with organizations to develop a fit-for-purpose plan that is tailored to their culture and goals. The plan defines the key activities that will be executed, when these activities will take place, and the level of effort required to complete these activities through the lifecycle of the project.

Stakeholder Communications and Engagement

Stakeholder analysis

- The Stakeholder Analysis is used to identify direct and indirect stakeholders, and to assess their influence, level of support, and key drivers related to the project.

Communication and Engagement plan

- The Communication and Engagement Plan defines engagement activities and opportunities to share information with stakeholders. The plan helps the project team think through how communication can be used to prompt behavior, as a call to action, or to provide feedback and reinforcement.

General and Targeted communications

- We leverage our experience to develop and deploy written communications, such as key messages from leadership, newsletters, articles, posters, and user guides. Communication events, such as roadshows, town halls and team meetings are examples of services provided that are tailored to an organization’s culture and goals.

Organizational and Workforce Readiness

- Cohesive culminates best practices to ensure that implemented change management and training activities throughout the project’s lifecycle are building blocks for the project’s targeted go-live. Our readiness activities include building change agent networks to enable and support the planned change across the organization. We ensure user validation, engage stakeholders and subject matter experts, partner with organizations to build adoption prior to go-live, and implement go-live support model for end users.

Operations / Sustainability Plan Execution

- We leverage our experience to implement knowledge transfer processes from the project team to key roles that are developed and endorsed by the impacted organizations. We partner with our clients on the development and implementation of standard Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for each role impacted, metrics, and long term operational targets. The results of collaboration are that process performance/value realization are tied back to our client’s milestones, and that there is a continuous process in place to maintain, measure and grow skills and knowledge for existing employees as well as new hires (e.g., training, mentoring).


Cohesive provides role-based training solutions for the impacted workforce. We partner with clients to ensure performance gains for every training dollar invested. Our hybrid training delivery approach for end users is driven by content developed from identified business process change impacts, and the enabling technology. The impacted workforce is better positioned by learning from a process and technology lens.

We partner with clients to implement a robust training strategy and plan with a goal to increase user adoption and reduce learning time. Our training delivery provides the impacted workforce with the knowledge, skills, and necessary abilities to achieve the performance requirements associated with the transformation.

Training solutions are tailored to our client’s culture and goals. Our capabilities include the following.

Enterprise Software Training

Cohesive combines decades of industry experience, a proven delivery methodology, and best-in-class software technologies to help clients navigate through the transition and challenges associated with the roll out of a new software system or software upgrades. We provide the client’s impacted workforce with the necessary knowledge to build competency and confidence in their ability to accomplish work using the new software and new processes. Our extensive knowledge and experience is based off of two solutions: IBM’s Maximo software, and Propel, an Enterprise Performance Management solution.

Curriculum Design and Development

Cohesive leverages its experience in the development of a wide range of instructional materials, programs, and blended learning solutions using effective Instructional Systems Design methodology and processes.

Training Delivery

Cohesive combines its adaptive methodology and consultants’ experience to deliver a blend of learning and performance solutions tailored to specific needs. Our consultants are experienced in supporting our client’s learning needs, from traditional instructor-based and online instruction, to innovative options in informal learning, collaboration, information sharing and performance support.

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