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Optimizing your EAM Program starts with understanding where you are today

Every business challenge brings an opportunity for improvement. Leaders are facing time and resource constraints, which force them to focus more on day to day activities and less on long term strategy for improvement.

Our EAM Maturity Assessment is a comprehensive review of your business processes, systems, and organizational performance, with a deeper analysis of specific and cross-functional processes based on your needs. This helps our customers identify and improve key business areas that are preventing you from reaching your goals. 

 At the end of the assessment you will have:

  • A roadmap for continuous improvement
  • Performance goals and bench-marks in an easy to use score card
  • Actionable quick-win opportunities with practical implementation plans
  • Long-term plans for performance enhancements and risk mitigation in the areas of: production loss, compliance, downtime etc. 
  • An approach for optimizing integrated technologies, like Maximo, GIS, Mobile, Reporting Tools etc.
  • Strategy for systematically moving your organization through the maintenance maturity model 

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"The findings provide both a narrative and quantitative ‘score’ for each Value Driver, Process and Area and forms the basis for developing a Strategic Roadmap aimed at filling gaps, addressing deficiencies and capitalizing on successes.  This baseline can be used to evaluate the impact of improvement initiatives as well as the sustainment of their outcomes."

- Anthony Honaker | VP of Product Strategy & Development at Cohesive Solutions


Enabling organizations to optimize and continuously improve their asset management programs

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