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FIRSTCall™ - Cohesive’s superior customer Maximo support offering, provides customers with all the benefits of standard IBM Maximo support... access to patches, upgrades, and live assistance.... and more. FIRSTCall™ enhances the support experience by enabling customers speak to a seasoned and certified Maximo expert on their first call. The result… fast resolution, greater satisfaction, and less frustration. Read the FIRSTCall brochure to learn more.

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Cohesive offers extended Maximo support with a certified Maximo expert through our Phone-a-Friend service. Read the Phone-a-Friend brochure to learn more. 

  • Offered through Cohesive’s “FIRSTCall"
  • Your organization’s personal Call Center
  • Allow customers to call Cohesive’s certified Maximo consultants for support
  • “Phone-a-Friend” support is offered outside of standard S&S
  • Log issues 24x7x365
  • Establishes a set of pre-paid support hours to satisfy your organizations needs
  • Hours are good for ONE year
  • Additional hours can be added at any time

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