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IBM Maximo Health, Safety and Environment Manager

MOC is part of OSHA's process safety management and has been put in place to prevent or minimize catastrophic events and many cases improves system integrity. It is a structured approach to transitioning from a current state to a future state.

Cohesive's MOC solution, powered by IBM Maximo, integrates Change Management and Work Management processes within one application, and enhances the MOC process with process automation, a single database for asset and work management, an audit trail, and an approval procedure. The intricate effort of the approach is that it ensures the risks are controlled when a change occurs.


Do you need a technical configuration inside Maximo to meet functional requirements?

Our MOC application controls the full cycle of the change, from request, review and approval through closure. You can associate multiple assets, locations, and configuration items with an MOC. We can help your organization classify; MOC records, develop a searchable database along with useful metrics and create an audit trail for compliance. 

Do you need guidance in navigating a specific MOC strategy for your organization?

Our team of field experienced leaders can guide your organization and help establish a common approach for requesting change, so that you can:

  • Evaluate the risks identified in the recommended changes are acceptable
  • Implement proper control/sign off for all change requests
  • Describe the required communications points for properly processing changes
  • Implement a holistic strategy for people, process and technology changes specific for your environment 

We can share what your industry peers are achieving and how they are reaching MOC success with our solution.

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