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Mitigate Risk for Asset-Intensive Organizations with Reliability Centered Maintenance

Controlling risk is a great area of concern for asset intensive organizations. For these types of organizations, the cost of failure has the potential to be disastrous. Having the right risk management solution in place helps your team plan for the worst. Employing a Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) extension within your Maximo solution enables you to automate maintenance optimization by closing the work order feedback loop. Our RCM extension is deployed in your Maximo environment using Maximo's out-of-the-box configuration tools, thereby ensuring seamless upgrade to future Maximo releases. 

Your RCM extension for Maximo can be configured and designed to specifically meet the needs of your organization, and helps answer the following questions about the end user's assets:

  1. What equipment is important and why?
  2. How does it fail and what are the consequences?
  3. What will be done to prevent or mitigate the risk?
  4. How can the system capture feedback on the effectiveness of those actions?

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