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optimize your maintenance strategy and manage risk with IBM Maximo® APM - Asset Health Insights

MAHI provides a holistic view of the current health of your critical assets, equipping you to make better decisions.

With this visibility, you can achieve the highest availability on your assets, reduce risk of impact on operations and ensure your capital investments are made in the right place, at the right time.

Through condition based maintenance, you can be confident that your preventative maintenance investments will directly affect asset uptime.

Better insights into asset and location health, help your organization:

  • reduce asset failure
  • reduce risk of impact on production
  • allocate capital dollars appropriately

Know the Next Best Step

Determining the next best action for an asset requires information from a variety of sources. MAHI enables organizations to make better decisions by combining asset record information, sensor data, weather patterns, historical data, EAM systems, and human observations to provide a holistic view of your asset health and aligning it with a scoring system. Scores can then be weighted against other associated criteria to produce a more holistic picture of an asset’s condition.

IoT Connectivity and Data Capture

By registering devices in Watson™ IoT Platform, you can collect data from an asset's sensor. In Maximo's Reliability Engineering Work Center, you are able to monitor asset conditions and trigger automated actions that are based on changes in data. By defining scoring methods, businesses can gain insight into the health of an asset or location, and they can take action based on the results, such as augment preventive maintenance schedules or replacement planning. Better decision making reduces failure, risk, and maintenance cost.

Move towards conditioned based monitoring with Maximo Asset Health Insights.

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Continue Your Maintenance Maturity  

  • RCM - Employing a Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) extension within your Maximo solution enables you to automate maintenance optimization by closing the work order feedback loop. Our RCM extension is deployed in your Maximo environment using Maximo's out-of-the-box configuration tools, thereby ensuring seamless upgrade to future Maximo releases. 

  • HSE - Maximo Health, Safety and Environment Manager provides enterprises with applications that support integrated processes for improving safety, reliability, environmental, and operational performance in compliance with regulations.