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We understand the Nuclear Power Industry faces unique challenges of improving operations, mitigating risk, and maintaining compliance. Our team of nuclear operations and maintenance experts bring solution expertise and years of industry knowledge and best practices to enable your organization to continuously improve operations through technology driven process improvement.

Enterprise Asset Management Consulting and plant Process Improvement

Cohesive offers solutions which provide the greatest visibility into asset health, organizational performance, and knowledge management.

Reducing MRO Costs for Nuclear Power Plants

We utilize our deep nuclear industry expertise, combined with technology pull through to help nuclear plants identify areas for improvement, modernizing and streamlining their operations, so they can:

⚙️ improve cost per megawatt
⚙️ reduce risk
⚙️ improve equipment reliability index
⚙️ reduce disruptive events like clock resets
⚙️ optimize maintenance schedules to achieve consistent breaker to breaker runs

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Single Point of Entry Asset Lifecycle Management for Nuclear Power Plants

IBM Maximo for Nuclear Power is a packaged solution that conforms to the standard nuclear performance model and the supporting enabling processes. Maximo Nuclear also offers agility through configurability to fine tune the solution to fit specific plant processes and procedures.

Maximo extends beyond traditional asset-lifecycle and surveillance capabilities using fully integrated modules for plant operations.  These include:

  • Automated clearance and tagging
  • Operator rounds and narrative logs
  • Corrective action
  • Configuration management
  • Procurement engineering
  • Permitting




Advancing Plant Business Systems for Asset Management






Applying Nuclear Industry Knowledge for Implementation and Consulting 

Enhancing existing processes with the latest technology is a great enabler to make performance improvements. Our expertise in nuclear best practices and the latest technology innovations in IBM Maximo enable organizations to shift to more agile and efficient plant maintenance operations.

We help organizations develop and improve their business processes around:

    • Work and Asset Management
    • Inventory, Procurement, and Financial Accounting
    • Support for Regulatory Requirements
    • Data Management and Turning Data into Trustworthy Information
    • Regulatory compliance, INFO ratings, industrial safety, and NRC reactor oversight processes

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Maximize Performance Of Your Plant's Asset Management Program

We believe the business processes that you rely on are as much assets to your organization as the physical ones you maintain for production. This is why we developed Propel ®.

Bridging the Gap Between Strategy and Execution:

  • Address data quality issues
  • Align people and processes with maintenance program objectives
  • Identify and assess operational risk
  • Transform bad EAM data into trustworthydata and actionable information
  • Manage EAM continuous improvement initiatives to achieve targets

Propel delivers these capabilities and more, enabling your organization to optimize your asset program within days. The ready to implement solution combined with the industry, process and solution expertise of our team, provides rapid time to valueand allows you to start, learn and accelerate your organization’s transition while improvements occur.

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