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If you are new to the EAM and IBM Maximo community, you may find the amount of information on the internet a little overwhelming.  Save this page to your favorites to stay in the know.

Maximo is an Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software solution originally developed by Project Software & Development Inc (PSDI) with the first commercial version released 33 years ago. In 2005 it was purchased by IBM and is currently branded as IBM Maximo Asset Management.

Maximo is designed to assist an organization in managing its assets such as buildings, vehicles, fire extinguishers, equipment recording details such as maintenance schedules and participating in workflows to manage the assets.

This link to the IBM on-line academy is where you can find several IBM Maximo courses. (You may have to create a new user ID.) Scroll through this online resource to find topics like IBM Maximo V7.6 Asset Management, Corrective Maintenance Work, Preventive Maintenance, Multi-Organization and Site Set up.

Learning more about solution terminology and the asset management strategy relationship will help further your knowledge. Take a look at the association between CMMS and EAM. You will also want to understand what RCM is and why companies want it. Often times you will hear references to Operational Excellence (Opx), while every company is unique there is a baseline definition around Opx that you will want to embrace. 

 Visit our YOUTUBE channel, to see in depth how-to solution videos and interviews with leaders in the Maximo community. Watch our recorded 'Maximo in Five Minutes' video series. 

There are many Maximo communities and organizations you can join or attend their conferences throughout the year. Maximo users join one or all of these organizations to help network with peers and stay up to date on industry trends. 


Linkedin has a few Maximo focused groups:  Maximo Professionals, Maximo EAM, IBM MAXIMO, to name a few. 

Asset Management has come a long (very long) way. This whitepaper by IBM articulates the evolution of asset life cycle. 


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